Foreign Income

Are you employed by or do contract work for a foreign company?

Foreign IncomeIf you are receiving foreign income or pension money in Canadian currency through the bank, it is likely you are paying too much. FX Connectors rates average 25 - 150 basis points (read percent) better than the banks. FX Connectors’ rates ensure you are the one benefiting from your income.

You have several options for receiving foreign income:

  • FX Connectors can set up an Electronic Funds Transfer so you get your foreign money deposited directly into your bank account, in Canadian currency.
  • FX Connectors can assist you in opening a pound sterling account, to which pounds can be transferred directly.
  • If you receive a cheque or cash, FX Connectors can convert it into Canadian money.
  • Money wired to you can be converted through FX Connectors. FX Connectors can also accept wired money through one of several foreign accounts, and then give it to you in Canadian currency.