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Personal Services

At FX Connectors Ltd. we believe the people we deal with are important, not only the competitive currency exchange services we provide. That’s why FX Connectors strives to go above and beyond for all things related to foreign currency and financial exchanges, whether that means providing you with additional information, assistance in setting up accounts, assistance with foreign purchases, and more.

Travelling abroad?

FX Connectors will provide information and advice, to ensure you have the right currency.

Making a foreign purchase?

FX Connectors will take complete care of the transaction.

Receiving foreign income?

FX Connectors can establish any one of several different means for you to receive your money, at the best exchange rate possible.

Foreign exchange student?

FX Connectors can assist you in setting up a bank account.

No matter what your individual foreign requirements are, FX Connectors is here to help.