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Import and Export

Our goal at FX Connectors is to save our customers time and money on their foreign exchange transactions. The bonus is that we provide customized services to best fit your business needs. FX Connectors adds value to the foreign exchange process by providing clients with another banking alternative.


Import & ExportFor over 23 years we have helped Importers pay their foreign currency invoices. We have many options to assist you, and our exchange rates are typically between 1/2% to 2% better than the banks. Our services include: wire transfers, EFT payments, and USD cheques that we can make  payable to your suppliers. Start saving today.

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Import and ExportOur export clients often require monthly conversions in order to cover their Canadian expenses. FX Connectors can set up a customized conversion process for you that is simple and convenient. Many of FX Connectors clients take advantage of our "Market Watch Service". This service allows customers to set up a preferred pre-determined target rate. Once this target rate has been reached, FX Connectors will notify you. In addition FX Connectors can provide contactless transactions for those who are working remotely or from home. 

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