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Corporate Services

Most Competitive Rates

FX Connectors is able to provide wholesale rates because we deal in such high volumes on a daily basis. We can also help companies save money on their foreign exchange transactions by monitoring certain rates and notifying clients when rates are most beneficial.

Delivery Service

FX Connectors provides same day free delivery and pick up service so that customers do not have to spend time and money on couriers, waiting in bank lines, or sending a representative to deliver or pick up cheques.

Weekly FX Summary

This summary allows clients to read updated information on the foreign exchange market and updated rates. This summary keeps clients informed of international events which in turn affect exchange rates.

Student Loan Payment Service

FX Connectors is able to help graduating students who have moved to a foreign country pay any outstanding loans at no charge. Customers can set up a payment schedules and request that funds be delivered to a specific bank and account #.

Currency Alert

This feature helps to notify customers when the currency market is most beneficial to them.  It allows customers to buy a particular currency when it has devalued, or to sell a currency when the currency has appreciated.  To have FX Connectors keep you informed, please send an E-mail with 'Currency Alert' in the subject line.